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Music is the Universal Language

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: “Music is the universal language of mankind.”

I believe it is because we listen to the soft serenade of the symphony of the human heart for nine months before we are born.

Last year I went to global citizen live at Central Park, NYC. It brought artists of many countries and genres together to create something special, from Lang Lang, the classical pianist, to Shawn Mendes and Coldplay.

Here is a short video of Coldplay, wait for the beat to drop about 25 seconds in. It was wonderful how polite and respectful the crowd was towards each other. No fights or anything, just people enjoying the music.

Music is a universal language, something that we all understand. In every culture, every country, and every background, you will find music. Music has the potential to bring people together in peace and harmony. When musicians from different cultures come together and perform as a group, each culture brings its own unique qualities to the group, an entirely new sound is achieved. This can create extraordinary results. Each musician can communicate with the other using music as the common language. “My Universe” by BTS, and Coldplay is a great example.

There is no known society that existed without music. Although each culture has its own specific style and approach to music, you will find that the purposes behind the music are very similar. Music at its core expresses or changes emotions. It can cheer you up, sadden you, anger you, or excite you.

And that emotion is something that bonds all of us. As a human family, we all share a deep love for music and it has the power to unite us.

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