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The Lasting Effect of Teachers And Coaches as Mentors

The Lasting Effect of Teachers Amd Coaches as Mentors

I wanted to share an article about my former wrestling coach who recently passed away. He is one of my personal heroes and has been inducted into the wrestling hall of fame. More importantly he mentored and taught people to not only be athletes but good people. He once suspended one of our star athletes for not making their grades and skipping clases because he wanted us to know that education and doing the right thing was more important than athletics.

The Lasting Effect of Teachers And Coaches as Mentors

I believe teachers and coaches can have so much influence for good, that lasts decades beyond their coaching time. I applaud any of you who serve as teachers, mentors and coaches. My coach taught me grit; the importance of continuing and not giving up kk matter how difficult life is. The grit he taught me allowed me to work and earn my education despite the many challenges that I faced.

Education is the key to breaking out of the poverty cycle. In addition participating in other activities such as sports or music programs gives an individual additional tools to help them be successful in life.

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