Christopher Smith MD Author


Luxury of A Warm House

Hi Everyone, like so many of you, I am greatly blessed to be in a warm house tonight. However, I have not always been so fortunate with that luxury. This time of year, with the cold temperatures, brings back vivid memories of sleeping homeless in a cold car and reminds me how fortunate I am. My human experience began with me experiencing different forms of poverty and homelessness throughout my childhood and youth. Most of my life, I had difficulty talking about it or sharing as the emotional pain was deep and I was afraid of being negatively judged because of it. At times, I have struggled with fear and anxiety because of those events. But, I have learned that is “okay to not be okay sometimes”, and those events have shaped me into who I am today. I know that I don’t have to hide, or live with fear; I know that I can be vulnerable and share those events with the world. To be honest, I have hesitated and thought for some time about posting this and please forgive me for the length of this post. Most people stuck in that kind of adverse situation are invisible to most of us. I decided to publicly share what it is like, to be a voice for them, to raise awareness of their plight. I will not be able to share everything with you, but I would like to take you on journey of what that life is like, to help you gain empathy for those who are less fortunate. I would also like to hear from YOU, your ideas of how we as a community can help others to overcome, and find the hope, joy, and success that we, as the human family, all desire. My goal is to share a post at least weekly if possible. Please check out my profile, connect with me and follow me. Also, feel free to share with others whom you feel may benefit. My first question is— What is homlessness? Please feel free to comment on thoughts about this question or my post.

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