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Welcome to my blog! I am a former homeless person, an experienced board-certified practicing physician, and former faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I am also a member of the National Coalition for the Homeless. I am also a father of five daughters. In this blog, I share my personal experiences I lived as a homeless youth. I also share insights on homelessness and how we can help combat the problem. Also, as a father of 5 daughters, this blog will share some of the things I have learned raising them. I specifically want to offer advice and humorous stories for the fathers. There is a lack of parental blogs for men to seek parenting advice since most similar blogs are directed to mothers. Of course, the advice can be used by mothers as well. Thank you for visiting, and I hope we can take a journey together towards alleviating homelessness and sharing advice on how to be good parents. Please come back often as I will update posts regularly.



Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

Dear Dads, A fixed versus growth mindset is an important concept to understand when it comes to setting goals and striving toward success. A fixed

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