Christopher Smith MD Author


Books Can Inspire Us to Rise Above Poverty

Tolkien and Books

Growing up in poverty and homelessness it is a challenge to see beyond the day to day, to dream of something better, to find inspiration. Hope is fleeting when you are hungry and cold. So how did I find hope? I was a voracious reader; I found heroes in literature and other places in the world. I read of Aragorn, and dreamed of fighting with him against insurmountable odds and being victorious. I learned of people such as Bo Jackson who overcame obstacles and achieved the impossible and became a success in 2 professional sports. I feel that if people that are struggling read good books, or look to inspirational people in all fields, music, sports, literature, etc, they can find strength and inspiration to continue the journey and fight their inner battles. I know for me personally, good books were always my safe space. . #inspiration #success #heroesDownload All

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