Christopher Smith MD Author


Dealing with Envy

Dear Dads,

Dealing with people who are jealous of your success can be difficult to navigate, but it is vital to remember that this type of behavior usually comes from a place of insecurity. In other words, someone might be jealous of you because they wish that they had the same level of success that you have achieved. Don’t take it personally. Instead, try to empathize with the person and help them find ways to reach their goals.

The first step in dealing with jealousy is recognizing it when it arises. It can be challenging to tell if someone is being envious, or simply voicing constructive criticism. Effectively reading other people’s emotions can go a long way in understanding the situation better. Pay attention to how people react when you share good news or mention something you’ve accomplished; if there is an undercurrent of negativity, then this may be a sign of jealousy.

Once you recognize the emotion, you will want to address it head-on. Don’t ignore it.

Talk openly and honestly about what is going on by asking questions like “What makes you feel that way?” Transparent communication can help identify the root cause of their envy and start a productive conversation about how they may be able to work towards their own successes.

Remember, you don’t need to apologize for doing well—instead, focus on offering support and encouraging them to value themselves, regardless of what achievements they are still working towards. Additionally, share stories about your personal struggles along the way as a reminder that nothing worthwhile comes easily, and that anyone can achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.

Finally, avoid bragging or boasting about your successes, as this will only fuel feelings of jealousy further. Focus on celebrating each accomplishment without comparing yourself or others—this helps maintain an overall positive atmosphere that doesn’t contribute to any negative feelings towards another’s achievements.

Ultimately, having someone be jealous of your success doesn’t mean anything about your worth as an individual, nor does it diminish what you’ve achieved. It’s simply a reflection of their own insecurities, which should not detract from your joy or satisfaction with what you’ve accomplished. By responding with empathy instead of judgment, and offering support rather than competing against each other, both parties can come out ahead as everyone works towards their goals while still celebrating one another’s successes along the way.


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